Children’s Services Involvement With Your Children

If Children’s Services (Social Services) become concerned about the welfare of your children they have a duty in law to investigate the family and see if they can improve the situation.

We believe it is important that you get legal advice and assistance as soon as possible.  We have many years of experience dealing with such matters and Malcolm Duffield is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and acts for parents and children.

Children’s Services may take child protection measures if they are sufficiently worried about the children. If they consider the children have or may suffer significant harm they can apply to the Court for an order to enable them to protect the children, which in serious cases may include an order which separates the children from you.

We can normally offer you an appointment within 24 hours

Child Protection Case Conferences

If they have concerns the child is not being given something called “Good enough parenting” the Social worker may call a Child Protection Conference. The purpose of such a meeting is to decide whether the information they have from professionals as well as yourself is such that the name of the child needs to be placed on the Child Protection Register and if so under what category. The categories are Physical Abuse, Neglect, Emotional Abuse and Sexual abuse.

LEGAL AID is available provided you meet the financial limits.

Letter Before Action Meetings (PLO)

If the child protection plan does not work the professionals may decide to have a “letter before action” meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to agree a plan with you, to try and avoid going to court.

LEGAL AID is available for this meeting no matter what your finances are

Court Proceedings

If Children’s Services believe that the children have suffered significant harm as a result of you not being able to give the children what is known as “Good Enough” parenting it may apply to the Court for a Care Order and ask the court to order that your children be taken away from your care permanently.


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