As part of our acting for you, or providing quotations we will need to collect information about you. This document sets out when and why such information is collected and the conditions under which we may disclose it to others, how we keep it secure, and for how long your data will be stored for.

The policy may change from time to time in accordance with our work practices or changes in legislation.

How do we collect information from you?

  1. If you visit our web site only no information will be gathered. If you contact us through the site or by email for a quotation or for information personal details will be collected electronically.
  2. If you attend the office in person or telephone for a quote or for information you will be asked for your personal details which will be recorded and then stored electronically on our database.

What information may be collected from you.

  1. This will depend upon the area of work you wish us to undertake. However certain basic information will always be taken
    1. Your full name(s), address, date of birth, and National Insurance Number.
    2. Proof of identity which is required in all cases for money laundering regulations. This will entail taking a copy of documentation which proves your identity and address.
    3. In addition to the above the following information may be taken
      1. Wills.

i.      The names and addresses of your executors, and beneficiaries

  1. Probate

i.      A copy of the death certificate

ii.      Details of the estate, including real and personal property, their values

  1. Conveyancing

i.      Details of the property being purchased and/ or sold including valuation.

ii.      Information in respect of the buyer/ seller, estate agent and other party’s  solicitors

iii.      Financial information including bank/mortgage lender.

  1. Family

i.      Full details of the other person involved including any children

ii.      Financial information for both yourself and the other party.

  1. Family Public Law

i.      Full details of the children concerned and the parents

ii.      The name of the Local Authority dealing with the matter

iii.      The name of any other solicitors involved

  1. The above list is not exhaustive and other information may be required.

How will your information be stored?

The information will be stored electronically as well as hard copies. Your information will be stored separately from all other clients.

The firm uses a database which cannot be accessed by people who are not employed by the firm. There may be occasions when 3rd parties have access to your information but this will be limited to those organisations that provide support for the software and hardware. For example if your file gets an error which we cannot resolve internally the 3rd party will provide support to repair the same

How will we use your information?

  1. The information will be used initially to ascertain whether we can act for you, this is known as a conflict check.
  2. Thereafter the information will be used by us to process your matter, and will include:-
    1. Communicating with the other party and any solicitors, bank, mortgage lender, Local Authority, estate agent, financial adviser, Land Registry and Court
    2. Where necessary to discuss your case with other parties solicitors, social workers, children’s guardian, and any expert who may be instructed to provide a report.
    3. In respect of probate matters to communicate with such persons and organisations as are necessary to enable the estate to be quantified and dealt with in accordance with any will or where there is no will the rules of intestacy
    4. To communicate with you about the progress of your case

How long will we keep your data?

The length of time that your data will be kept depends on the matter involved.

If you have asked for a quotation and then decided not to instruct us your personal date will be deleted after 6 months.

Your personal data stored electronically and all the hard copy/ electronic data for this particular matter will be stored for a minimum of 6 years. This is to prevent a potential conflict of interest arising, and because this is the limitation period for any claims you may bring. You can request that the personal data be removed after this time

Thereafter the hard copy and electronic data for this particular matter will be destroyed/ deleted and disposed of in accordance with our policy, unless you ask for the hard copy to be sent to you.

Your Rights

  1. You can at any time ask to see the data we hold concerning you.
  2. Request that we correct any of your data which is inaccurate.
  3. Object to how your data is being used if you believe that we are not using your data appropriately or legitimately.
  4. Restrict the use of your data (e.g. not to disclose personal information to specific individuals or groups) where the restriction does not breach any legislation or regulation governing the firm.
  5. You can complain about how your data is being used by contacting Mr Malcolm Duffield, Data Protection Officer, 4-6 Crown Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 2JP (01493) 857621 in the first instance.

If he fails to deal with your complaint to your satisfaction you may contact the Information Commissioner who can be contacted at or telephone 0303 123 1113


  1. Our website does not contain links to other websites
  2. We do not currently create a profile of your interests and preferences.
  3. The firm does not at present use website recording
  4. We do not envisage transferring your information outside of Europe unless you are based outside of the EU or the UK or another party to you matter lives outside of the EU or UK
  5. We do not have cookies on our website