When a person dies their property and finances (known as the estate) will need to be sorted out and dealt with in accordance with either their Will or if there is no Will following the Rules of Intestacy.

Where there is a will it appoints people known as executors who will administer the estate. If there is no will then administrators will be appointed.

The administration of an estate can be difficult and time consuming, with legal advice being necessary.

Before the estate can be administered a Grant of Representation is often required. We provide an expert service which includes:

  • Obtaining the grant of representation after which you may wish to deal with the administration of the estate, or ask us to provide a full service.
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs in respect of tax issues, which includes valuing the estate.
  • Gathering the assets, settling the liabilities and distributing the net assets to the beneficiaries.

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